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Food Drive and Match 2016

Food Drive Customer donations matched by lender

Many years running now, Community Quick Cash has held a food drive near Christmas.  We then match our customers generosity with grocery store gift cards. This all becomes an annual food drive donation that frequently is received at the Circle

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The week we begin to Save Time (and money).

Was it a difficult to save Monday morning with yesterday’s changing of the clocks to save time? Hope not. But if so, know most people really feel better with sunshine later into the evening.  And also know we are not alone in

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Bureaucrats smarter about your credit choices?

Credit choices should be limited by government officials?

Should Credit choices be limited by Bureaucrats?  Are elected officials smarter than consumers regarding how to borrow money? RE: Credit –From the March 26th 2014 Senate Banking Committee Hearing: “Are Alternative Financial Products Serving Consumers?”   “God forbid we let people

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Cold Weather effect on Paycheck

ld weather affects family paycheck.

Several times recently have our customers told us that their work schedule and paycheck has been shorten. The primary cause: Cold Weather and Snow. Working outside can be miserable in below freezing temperatures, and an occasional unexpected day off can

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