Summertime Fun on a Budget

Saint Louis area residents are truly fortunate.

We have a great mix of summertime fun to take advantage of, both in  the rural and metro areas.  Whether you like your activities in or out of doors,  under trees  or under a roof. you should be able to find recreation that suits you.  And as an added bonus, there is so much to choose from that is nearly free.


Clicking Here for 93 free fun things in Saint Louis area

And if that were not enough, notice that many of them are geared for families.  For a more exclusive kid friendly list try this:

We are fortunate as well to have great vibrant cities nearby with their own activities.  Chicago comes to mind, but even parking is expensive there.  Why not try Indianapolis?  Very exciting place with a great downtown area that St. Louis could learn about redevelopment.  Did you know That a $35 ticket would put you on the grass infield at the Indy 500, and parking is free!  Get it on the schedule for 2017.  Ever been to Kansas City?  Lots of outside walk around activities, great music scene, and even nearer than Indianapolis.


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