The week we begin to Save Time (and money).

Was it a difficult to save Monday morning with yesterday’s changing of the clocks to save time?

Hope not. But if so, know most people really feel better with sunshine later into the evening.  And also know we are not alone in the world wheSave Time and Money beginning now-n it comes to Daylight Saving time.  Check out the link below to see the variations in the practice worldwide.

Nearly everyone looks forward to the big Spring Forward clock change.

 Who can argue with getting that extra hour of useable daytime after work?  But why do we do this semi annual ritual?  Interesting article here that addresses it as a money saving issue.  Planning something fun for those first longer evenings?  Let us know if we can help.  Click here for some great trivia about the great annual time change-

How did we get in to the habit of Daylight Saving time?  Why do we do it?  It began as an effort to save money and energy. The are many interesting things about the practice of the clock change which most are not aware.  Want to look smart at work next week?  Follow this link to learn more about it all-

It could be that you are one of those that have difficulty with the time change.  Or are just disturbed by having to wrestle with changing the clock on your 30 year old VCR?   You should know that you are not alone, here in America or even worldwide. You may be surprised to find the many methods to save time are implemented around the world.  Follow this link to learn more about it all-

So what about Saving Money?

 Well, that involves some person choices you make about your financial resources.  Thankfully spring brings some opportunities of it’s own by allowing us lower utility bills between heating and A/C seasons.  We hope you use the seasonal break to payoff some lingering bills.  And finally, remember that our purpose is helping families stretch to the next paycheck.  And we do it for less than others, saving you money for other things you really can use.

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