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Unexpected things happen.  Everyone needs a little extra cash now and again.  

Most families live and spend up to their to income levels.  It’s not unusual to occasionally need a little help keeping life’s bills paid on time.  Community Quick Cash helps provide that extra $100-$500 families sometimes need to get through the week.

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Publications on Cash Advance and Payday Loans;

Payday Loan Rates still preferable to bank fees  (New York Times)
A Professor of Economics & The argument in favor of payday lending
FDIC reports Overdraft fee rates over 1000%-3000%   (pg.5, item 9)
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Meet the New Payday Loan Customer: Middle-Class, Well-Educated (TIME)
Payday Loan Common Sense-: Payday loan fees similar to credit card penalties (Montgomery Advisor)
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What Good Are Payday Loans? (New Yorker)
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Payday loans prevent excessive costs of other options for customers- (Yahoo Finance)
Want more regulation for Payday Lenders? Be careful what you wish for (Dallas Morning News)
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Overdrafts Are More Costly Than Payday Loans for Consumers | GOBankingRates
Researcher works at 2 lenders to find true dollar impact of Payday Loans, talks with real customers. (New York Times)
Are Check Cashers Really All That Bad? Comparison of fees to real world (
Predatory journalism on payday loans and price controls,  (Washington Times)
New Study Results says Short-Term Borrowers Understand the Industry, likely to recommend to others. (


Non-profit Group offers Payday Loans, finds they have to charge 250%+APR to break even.    (New York Times) CFPB Director Cordray has no answers, just his philosophy guiding CFPB Payday Lending Action 
Rules threaten payday loans for low-income borrowers  (Detroit News)
Common sense economic from actual experts on finance– “Why a 36% Cap Is Too Low for Small-Dollar Loans” (American Banker)
Do you need Bureaucrats to tell you when you can or can not borrow money? “The Run Amoks at the CFPB”|(Human Events)
Florida congressman warns world without payday loans could disenfranchise the working poor  (Washington Times)

Payday Loan customers don’t want their hands held or tied, reject feds intervention  (Washington Times)


Restricting payday loans ineffective in reducing poverty  (Troy Media)

Payday Loan limits may cut abuse but leave some borrowers looking   (New York Times)

A defense of payday loans: They help ‘the little guy‘  (Orlando Sentinal)

FOIA request to CFPB yields positive comments from payday loan customers  (CFPB Monitor)

Letter: Payday loans have been a good resource  (Argus Leader)


Fannie Mae exec with ties to Mnuchin is among candidates for consumer protection job  (CNBC)
War-Gaming– The Future Of Small-Dollar Lending  (Payments.Com)
Storefront payday lenders and check cashers are all that tens of millions of Americans have.  (The American Prospect)
Why Payday Lending Is Creeping into the Middle Class  (Wharton /University of Pennsylvania)
CFPB’s Cordray still fails to see nuances in small-dollar lending  (The American Banker)

The surprising logic behind the use of check cashers and payday loans, PBS Newshour

Everyone Hates Payday Lenders And Check Cashers (Except The People Who Use Them) -

The dark truth about payday lenders (is that we need them).

Federal Payday Loan Rule Would Devastate Vulnerable Consumers


Budget and Credit Counseling Links-

USA.Gov Guide to Credit Counseling
Federal Trade Commission Guide To Credit Counseling
Clear Point Credit Solutions877-877-1995
Lemay Housing Partnership, Inc.314-631-9905

Temporary Financial Housing Assistance Links-

Urban League 314-388-9840
United Way  dial 211 (like 911)
Salvation Army 314-389-9302
Catholic Charities. 314-383-6589 314-932-3300
Community Action Agency of Saint Louis 314-863-0015
Governors Council on Disability 800-877-8249
Shelter Plus Care
Missouri Statewide Independent Living Council  (573) 526-7039
Housing Resource Center 314-802-5444
Neighborhood Assistance Corp of America 314-645-8333
Housing Options for the Elderly 314-776-0155
Beyond Housing 314-533-0600

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