Do you need a Budget?

Do you need a Budget?

If you are into reading blogs, and would guess that you are (hence you reading this now), we’d like to share this one with you; that read blogs also lean toward new tech and software, so this site is doubly interesting as they also offer software to assist your with building, maintaining and following a budget.

Some people need such a tool and support to make it work in the long term. More frequently we find that just as anything new, it takes 7 cycles for it to become natural and part of someone’s normal functionality. But using this or any tool gives you a way to start the habit.

It is commonly accepted that just tracking and measuring anything’s performance can show you how to improve by 10%. Anyone out there up for a 10% raise, or reduction in expenses? So here’s to hoping you find yourself more in control of your finances in the next 7 weeks. With any success at all, can you image how much better off you will be in 7 months?
If we can help fill in some of your financial gaps along the way, let us know.

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