Cold Weather effect on Paycheck

Cold Weather effect on Paycheck

Several times recently have our customers told us that their work schedule and paycheck has been shorten. The primary cause: Cold Weather and Snow.

Working outside can be miserable in below freezing temperatures, and an occasional unexpected day off can be a treat. But putting a few of those back-to-back, or even missing a day a couple weeks in a row can really throw off a decently considered budget.

Sometimes it’s not the employer calling work off, but the Children that demand attention when School is cancelled. Many parents find themselves calling off work to tend to the more immediate needs of the family.

Families in these situations know that the will be more work when weather gets back to normal. Until that time, they may need some help covering the bills. We are grateful that they think of us we need arrises. Our service fills these brief finacial gaps in the most economical way other that asking friends or family for help–and who wants to be part of either side in such a conversation?

We pray everyone finds a way to get through, and enjoy, what is left of the winter season. Spring Training is just around the corner!

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