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Smart Payday Loan User, not Consumer Advocate.

Payday Loan are useful credit tool.

It is amazing to watch payday loan detractors speak with such authority while not standing on facts. Or worse, standing on made up facts and fabrications. Starting with one of their most basic assertions that a Payday Loan leads to

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Bureaucrats smarter about your credit choices?

Credit choices should be limited by government officials?

Should Credit choices be limited by Bureaucrats?  Are elected officials smarter than consumers regarding how to borrow money? RE: Credit –From the March 26th 2014 Senate Banking Committee Hearing: “Are Alternative Financial Products Serving Consumers?”   “God forbid we let people

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Saving your money by spending it effectively.

Payday Loans help little guy

We always enjoy hearing from customers about the good we have allowed them to do for there families and themselves.  It is rewarding to know people are not the sheep that many want them to be, believing the bad information

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Do you need a Budget?

If you are into reading blogs, and would guess that you are (hence you reading this now), we’d like to share this one with you; that read blogs also lean toward new tech and software, so this site is doubly

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At only $6/box, now everyone should have checks!

Here is something worth sharing: We like how they had some fun with the name, But what they do is great if you are either a current user of printed checks, or have never order checks because you

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