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The places to get Payday alternatives and Installment Loans-

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Need a Cash Advance Loan that allows payments like Installment Loan? We can help with single payment or installment loans.

At Community Quick Cash, we specialize in Cash Advances Services and Installment Loans. Being our specialty, we can make borrowing money quicker and more economically than other sources. We also buy and convert your unwanted Gold and Silver items into immediate cash.,

Cash Advances and Payday Loan options: Get fast cash up to $500 in cash almost as fast as using an ATM!

NEW-  Installment Loans.  Higher loan limits and extended terms for qualified customers.

Cash Advance Services from Friendly Porfessional

Turn your Check into Cash today- Payback on Payday.

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We also Buy Gold & Silver

Turn your unwanted items into Cash!

Estimates are free.  You may be surprised what a few simple items are worth.  Allow us to examine anything you may think has value.  We make people happy everyday by putting unexpected cash in their pockets.

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Get an advance with only a debit card account.  No checking account required!  

Cash Advance Loans allow you to stretch the terms for minimum payments.  Periods start the day you receive your funds. The loan may be refinances for an additional period if you you need to borrow more money or modify the terms. Just like renting a car, you only pay for the days the loan is open. You can make periodic payments on your due date if you do not wish to pay in full.

Weather you call it a Personal Loan, Payday Loan, Installment Loan, Check Pawn, Deferred Deposit or any other name – Community Quick Cash wants you to have fast cash when you need it.

Need to spread out your payment like an Installment Loan?  That’s fine! We allow you to make partial payments in 2 week intervals  if needed.  Installment Loans let you stretch payments up to 18 months.  We make it easy.  No early payment penalties either.  Fees are only charged for the days you carry a balance on your account.