Saving your money by spending it effectively.

Payday Loans help little guy
We always enjoy hearing from customers about the good we have allowed them to do for there families and themselves.  It is rewarding to know people are not the sheep that many want them to be, believing the bad information that abounds in life.
Equally rewarding at times is reading where someone in the media finally seems to grasp the concept of how simple payday loans can benefit consumers.

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Do you need a Budget?

If you are into reading blogs, and would guess that you are (hence you reading this now), we’d like to share this one with you; that read blogs also lean toward new tech and software, so this site is doubly interesting as they also offer software to assist your with building, maintaining and following a budget.

Some people need such a tool and support to make it work in the long term. More frequently we find that just as anything new, it takes 7 cycles for it to become natural and part of someone’s normal functionality. But using this or any tool gives you a way to start the habit.

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Cold Weather effect on Paycheck

ld weather affects family paycheck.

Several times recently have our customers told us that their work schedule and paycheck has been shorten. The primary cause: Cold Weather and Snow.

Working outside can be miserable in below freezing temperatures, and an occasional unexpected day off can be a treat. But putting a few of those back-to-back, or even missing a day a couple weeks in a row can really throw off a decently considered budget.

Sometimes it’s not the employer calling work off, but the Children that demand attention when School is cancelled. Many parents find themselves calling off work to tend to the more immediate needs of the family.

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Thanks for your food donations-

Christmas and 2013 are behind us and in the books.  Your food gifts were matched, doubled and given to local charities that know how to make the most use of your generosity.  Donations at our offices were a little off from past years, but that is the same story we heard from most food pantries in general.  

So, off we are into 2014.  A very sincere THANKS to our customers for helping us close out our 14th year of business last August and getting year 15 well under way.  We pray a better year for everyone and look forward to talking about Food Drive 2014!
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Food Drive wrapping up next week, need you support-

Thanks for the support of those contributing so far, and remember that Community Quick Cash matches your contribution.  We are behind last year’s collection rate.  Please spread the news as we wind up our third year’s collection.  Drop off your food goods at any of our locations by Tuesday Morning 12/24/13 and let us match your generosity to double the benefit.  THANK YOU ALL, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

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