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Bigger Tax Refund, Use proper credits

Pay off Loans and debt with Tax Refund

This is a great time of year for many of our customers. The anticipation of a Tax Refund brings with it the promise of getting out of some debt and paying a few bills.  We like to see our people

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Choosing Payday Loans over traditional loans.

Choosing Payday Loans over traditional loans

Is it so unusual to find people choosing Payday Loans as their preferred option? Passing along another example of people using a keyboard without thinking it through. This time from Canada as published in Ottawa’s MetroNews, linked here- The writer

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Food Drive and Match 2016

Food Drive Customer donations matched by lender

Many years running now, Community Quick Cash has held a food drive near Christmas.  We then match our customers generosity with grocery store gift cards. This all becomes an annual food drive donation that frequently is received at the Circle

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Retaining choices in consumer lending, limiting power instead of options.

Consumern lending choices to get a loan may be preserved

As a surprise bonus to our customers, the most recent election brings in leadership favorable to maintaining their consumer lending choices.  We found this analysis of the situation written by Chris Morran at The Consumerist.   Segments of his article

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Payday loans; They help ‘the little guy’

Payday Loans help little guy

Thought this column on Payday Loans was worth reprinting.  It was written by Mr. Cranford Rigell of the Orlando Sentinel; “Why does it seem that every time something is actually working for the little guy, some government bureaucrats try to

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